Short Sleeve Button Down Travesty

I recently read an article in the latest GQ Magazine about the return of the short sleeve button down shirt. I don't really agree with the author of the article. The point of the article is that it's making a return. It really never left. I know many men, mostly in the latin community that never stopped wearing this type of shirt (including myself). The style in which it has been worn over the last two decades has change, but it never left.

Moving on to the travesty of it all. I was recently in a business meeting and a coworker wore a cotton version of this shirt. Just to repeat, "a business meeting". I was wearing a suit, as always. When asking someone to spend hundreds of thousand to millions of dollars with you, it is only proper to match your business with the caliber of deal size. I'm all for matching, if not exceeding, the level of attire worn by the parties involved. Meaning, you can never be overdressed. However, there was only one occasion in my life where I felt overdress for a meeting. I meet with a popular video game company some years back. Me in suit as usual, and the clients in hoodies and baseball caps. When I walked through the door, a guy came zipping by on a skateboard. Needless to say, I was not previously informed that I should tone it down before meeting this crew. As they say where I'm from, "Proper Planning Prevents Piss Pour Performance" (the six Ps). 

I digress on the subject for now. I just wanted to touch on it briefly, while top of mind.