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Gentlemen's Essentials

I often get into conversations about what a man should and should not do. This discussion may start in several ways. Why are kids wearing their pants well below their ass or it fits perfectly, where do you buy your suits. However it starts, be they friend or stranger, the end of the conversation always falls to defining the word and what it means to be a "Gentleman". The dictionary provides several definitions including: a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man; and a man of good social position. I believe that the modern gentleman is multifaceted and he comes in many different forms. The term has become common enough to break away from the traditional requiring noble heritage and apply to the slick cool kid that takes the time to purchase and place well fitting close on his person. I started this blog to expound on a few of the essential elements that make up this presumptively illusive but easy to achieve status. The bulk of my content will center around men's fashion, a topic that I am requested to advise on often. Of course being a gentleman means more than just what you wear. Proper behavior, manners, and a good sense of the world is also key. I'm sure that some portion of my blog will touch on those life topics that I feel need emphasis. Enjoy the read, participate with comments, and thanks for visiting.